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About the Course

This MAST online training course is required to obtain your Washington State Class 12 Mixology permit or Class 13 Server permit card. This training course is designed to promote the legal and responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Washington State.

Alcohol Seller Server training is an important way to learn how to recognize signs of intoxication, how to check ID’s, minors and alcohol, Washington state specific server laws, and many other skills to help you keep your customers and your establishment safe.

Course Features

Our online MAST Class 12 & 13 training course is a 3 hour interactive course with full audio narration and engaging real-world scenarios for the best user experience and information retention. This course that will work on your PC and mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad.

Once you create an account you can log in from any computer or mobile device and train anytime, anywhere.

You have 1 year from enrollment to complete this course. You can log in and out of your training account and your place in the course will be saved.

Your official Class 12 or Class 13 permit will be mailed to you.

Course Outline

Our online MAST Alcohol Seller Server Training Course contains an introduction, six units of instruction, a conclusion, and an online final exam. Below is a detailed course outline of topics covered in the course.


Topics in this Lesson:

  • Enrollment Agreement
  • How This Course Works
  • Course Topics

Unit One - Alcohol Server Training Law

Topics in this Lesson:

  • Background
  • Permit Information
  • Permit Handling
  • Unit One Review
  • Unit One Quiz

Unit Two - Responsible Alcohol Service

Topics in this Lesson:

  • Server Responsibilities
  • Criminal Negligence and Third Party Liability
  • Three Kinds of Duties
  • Unit Two Review
  • Unit Two Quiz

Unit Three - Minors and Age Verification

Topics in this Lesson:

  • Is Your Customer of Age?
  • IDs
  • Incident Logs
  • Unit Three Review
  • Unit Three Quiz

Unit Four - Washington State Liquor Laws

Topics in this Lesson:

  • Age Restrictions
  • Employee Conduct
  • Alcohol Sale Requirements
  • Required Signs
  • Employee Potential Penalties
  • Unit Four Review
  • Unit Four Quiz

Unit Five - Physical Effects of Alcohol

Topics in this Lesson:

  • Alcohol Absorption
  • BAC
  • Absorption Triggers
  • Common Diseases & Disorders
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Drink Tampering
  • Mixing Energy Drinks with Alcohol
  • Unit Five Review
  • Unit Five Quiz

Unit Six - Intoxication

Topics in this Lesson:

  • Recognizing Intoxication
  • Indicators of Intoxication
  • Go, Slow, No
  • Managing Drinking Behavior
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Handling Aggressive Customers
  • Unit Five Review
  • Unit Five Quiz



Final Exam

40 multiple-choice questions - you must score at least 80% to pass

Class 12 | Class 13 Permit Information

Upon successfully completing the MAST course and final exam:

  • Within 10 days of completion your Class 12 Mixologist Permit or Class 13 Server Permit (depending on your date of birth) will be mailed to the address you provided during registration.
  • Within 30 days of completion your certification will be submitted to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.
  • Your Class 12 or Class 13 permit is valid for 5 years from the date of course completion.
  • You can check your certification status using the MAST Permit Check.
  • Replacement permits are available if you completed training with our school. The replacement fee is $5.00. Please email support if you need a replacement

Renewing Your MAST Permit

The WSLCB requires you to take an approved seller server training course every five years to remain MAST certified. There is not a separate re-certification course if you have already been MAST certified, nor is there a way to 'test out' of the MAST training course.

MAST Training Requirements

Class 12 and Class 13 Permit Training are mandatory for all bartenders and servers of alcohol in Washington.

  • You must obtain a MAST permit within 60 days of hire.
  • You must be 18 years of age to complete this training. Permits will not be issued if you are under 18.
  • You must have your Mixologist Permit or your Server Permit readily available for inspection while at work.

Approved MAST Program

SureSellNow is an approved MAST online course. You can view the SureSellNow program approval by clicking here.

Our MAST course has been certified by the WSLCB based on the Washington Administrative Code 314-17, and any other information on this website that is not a part of the MAST course may not have been certified by WSLCB. ​​​​​​​

If you have any questions related to accessing the course, technical issues, or course content please contact Customer Support.